Ron Cowart
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Behind the Badge
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Cops tend to think and do things differently from the average, everyday citizen. And their sense-of-humor tends to be different as well. Things that may shock the average person are oftentimes considered hilarious by cops. While many agree that it's just one way of coping with what cops are subjected too on a daily basis, it also makes for some downright funny stories, not to mention cherished memories. The author has taken some of these stories, from two departments located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and compiled them, for posterity, into Behind the Badge.
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Profiting In Precious Metals
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Zachary, Louisiana, USA
Author bio
Ron Cowart retired from the Baton Rouge Police Department, after thirty-one years, at the rank of Captain.

During his career Ron served in Uniform Patrol, Rescue, Narcotics and Homicide. He also served as Commander over Computer Operations, Mobile Data, CAU (Crime Analysis Unit) and CIU (Crime Information Unit). He retired, in 2011, as Commander over 4th District.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

You can best judge a person's character, by the actions they take, when there is no audience present.

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