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Rethink the Bins: Your Guide to Smart Recycling and Less Household Waste
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Have you heard that recycling is broken? Let's fix it. Rethink the Bins will help you understand what happens to waste after the bins leave your curb or building, implement best practices for recycling and composting, and create SMART goals that will make a difference. Let's pave a path to a less wasteful future and recycling that works:
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Material Value: More Sustainable, Less Wasteful Manufacturing of Everything from Cell Phones to Cleaning Products
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Redmond, WA
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I am the owner of JLFG Communications, which helps corporate and government clients share their world-changing ideas through clear and concise written content including white papers, articles, and blogs. My passion is materials and sustainability, with a focus on waste reduction for businesses and individuals. I run the Seattle chapter of the Nonfiction Authors Association.
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Clear and Concise Content Writing, The Path to Zero Waste, Smart Recycling
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Never stop learning

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