Steven J Smith
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The Path To Redemption
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The Path to Redemption is a thrilling page turner of heroism, prophecy, intrigue and power struggles set against the devastating back drop of the Crusades. It is also a story of an ordinary man who becomes inextricably entwined in a world he wants no part of nor fully understands to protect those he loves.

The date is 1145 – The long shadow of all consuming war hangs over the Christian Kingdoms of Outremer…Pope Eugenius III proclaims a second Crusade as the self-proclaimed Lion of Islam; Zengi captures the city of Edessa and amply avenges the European atrocities in Jerusalem some forty years previously….

As Conrad III of the Holy Roman Empire and Louis VII of France answer the call to arms and lead new legions of Crusaders to the Holy Land, one man; James Rose, leads a simplistic life as a horse trader away from the swirling maelstrom of religious fervour and political uncertainty of the age. Part Venetian and part English, friend of Muslim, Jew and Christian but void of religion himself, a peace loving family man who becomes embroiled in a truly frantic individual battle for vengeance. One simple act of compassion leads to a devastating series of events and adventures which will change the course of history itself.
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Echoes of Eternity (poetry)
Screaming in Silence (poetry)
Images of Understanding (poetry)
Elysian Dreams (poetry)
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I have been writing since my teens and have had numerous essays and short stories, which have been published over the years, predominantly in UK magazines and I have had hundreds of poems published in magazines and journals in the UK, US, Italy, France, Australia and Canada. I have also had 4 collections of poetry published in the UK in book format.

My first novel; The Path To Redemption has been released in paperback on the 9th September 2013 and the e-book version has been released on the 19th September 2013 by United PC Press