Beth Bridges

Beth Bridges
Beth Bridges
Networking on Purpose: A Five-Part Success Plan to Build a Powerful & Profitable Business Network
Imagine the power of a deliberate and intentional networking strategy in your life and business.
Whether you’re new to networking or have experience, it’s time to start networking on purpose now.


* the simple Five-Part Networking Success Pan ™ which gives you incredible confidence in any situation

* where to go so you are guaranteed to meet influential new people every time you network

* why “small talk” is one of your best tools

* what one thing you must do to be in the top 10% of networker

* how to become so valuable to other people that the sales practically make themselves.

Foreword by Bob Burg, best-selling author of “Endless Referrals” and co-author of “The Go-Giver.”
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Fresno, CA
Beth Bridges is the Networking Motivator ™ and developer of the Five-Part Networking Success Plan ™. In the last ten years she has attended over 2,300 networking events. She is recognized as one of the industry’s top networkers by Chamber executives across North America and has given hundreds of presentations to entrepreneurs, associations and business people looking to strategically grow their networking skills.
Networking on Purpose: How to use a Simple Five-Part Plan to Build Your Network

The only purpose of networking is to put yourself in a position to give and receive value.

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