Laura P Coleman
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Unbridled Love: A Woman's Journey to Faith, Freedom and Abundance
Book Description
Unbridled Love is an emotionally charged book that deals with the realities of addiction, abandonment, marital failure, hopelessness, losses and grief, from the deepest pain a heart can endure, to the heights of joy and exhilaration. Follow Laura’s journey as she lives the events of every woman’s worst nightmare and learns to trust again. Follow her story as she reaches the fulfillment of every woman’s greatest happiness. If you are yearning for a deeper walk with Jesus, experience the Unbridled Love of God through Laura’s trials and events that show God’s freeing love for His Bride. His unbridled love is available to every individual regardless of their life choices.
Location (city/state/country)
New Bern, NC US
Author bio
Laura Coleman lived most of her life in New Hampshire where she raised two daughters and a son, established two successful businesses, and enjoyed spending time with her husband, children, six grandchildren, family and friends. In January 2017, Laura, her husband Dan and son Dylan, relocated to New Bern, North Carolina. This life changing move was in response to God's leading that both Laura and Dan felt over a span of six years.

Laura began her faith journey in 1976 when she entered a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. During those early years, Laura struggled with self-esteem issues, sexual addiction, and a deep longing to experience a Christian life such as those she was reading and hearing about. She never felt close enough to the God she was trying so hard to worship.

In 1984, Laura walked away from church and a life of music ministry. For 17 years, she wandered in the world, searching for happiness and joy through relationships, jobs, and worldly pleasures. In 2002, Laura faced a devastating and life changing event in her life that brought her to a place of repentance, redemption and healing. This event kick-started her journey to know Jesus at a deeper and more intimate level. The vision she has is that of a deep end diving experience.

Laura's story is a testimony to the great love that God has for His children. She recounts seasons in her life that God called her into a deep end love relationship with Him. Her love relationship with Jesus demonstrates how personal Jesus gets with His bride and how He turns heartache into joy, hurt into healing, and failure into faith.
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Marriage and Relationship Building
Raising Children in a World of Chaos
The Art of Grant Writing
Living Through Loss
Effective Marketing and Promotion Strategies
Building an Effective and Engaging Website

Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”
― Helen Keller

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