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The Currency of Connection: How to Create an Exquisitely Kick-Ass Relationship with Money
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This is not just another fairy tale about how to get rich or how to magically manifest the perfect relationship.

Instead, this book is an evolutionary journey into the surprising and untapped world of money as a profoundly vibrant relationship, just waiting to connect us to our own potential and to the creative genius of the whole planet. The original purpose of money was to foster and celebrate human relationships, and in The Currency of Connection, Nogie King shows us how to use money as an unparalleled opportunity for our own spiritual awakening and as an expression of our fundamental interconnectedness.

Loaded with powerful insights from quantum science, modern biology and recent social innovation, plus packed with whole-brain coaching tools and body centered exercises that work from the inside out, this book is a practical and transformative guide to a healthier, more self-compassionate relationship with money and each other. It fills the gap between being and doing and is essential reading for anyone who wants to experience a sense of freedom, purpose and fulfillment when it comes to money.
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Austin. TX
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Nogie King is a life coach, author, entrepreneur, activist and public speaker who has been designing compelling programs and delivering empowering experiences for over 20 years. Born with a gypsy spirit and an engineer’s mind, she thrives on asking insightful questions, creating systems that work and pioneering win-win solutions.
Professional Speaker Topics
Follow the Money ...and Find Yourself!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Money Talks ... but are you listening?

Relationships with money

Relationships as mirrors

Sacred Commerce

Sacred Relationships
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

“May your interaction with money be an expression of your deepest Self and a reflection of your greatest potential.”
- Nogie King, from The Currency of Connection: How to Create an Exquisitely Kick-Ass Relationship with Money.

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