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Cop in the Classroom: Lessons I've Learned, Tales I've Told
Book Description
Learn how kids and cops connect at school. You will enjoy 33 personal stories about one officer's professional career as a deputy sheriff and school resource officer. Cop in the Classroom gives an insider's look at the emotional experiences behind the badge--and life lessons for us all.
Additional Book Titles
Taking Back the Bullet: Trajectories of Self-Discovery
Under the Radar: Race at School (a short play)
Location (city/state/country)
Hutchinson, KS, USA
Author bio
Jim Potter is an award-winning writer for his play Under the Radar: Race at School. His memoir, Cop in the Classroom: Lessons I've Learned, Tales I've Told, recalls his career in law enforcement. He and his wife reside outside Hutchinson, Kansas. Visit his website at
Professional Speaker Topics
Writing and Law Enforcement.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Wisdom begins when you realize there are other points of view."

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