Kevin Fritz

Author Name: Kevin Fritz
Most Recent Book Title: Appamada
Book Description: Guide to spiritual awakening and enlightenment – crafted by a living buddha
Additional Book Titles: Haiku – Crafted by a living buddha
Location (city/state/country): Bend, OR
Author bio: Kevin grew up in Colorado, Iowa and Texas.

Kevin is Awake and lives in the Eternal, Permanent and constantly integrating Now.

After Awakening into The Permanent Now, a deeper Awakening happened nine months later when Kevin came to the direct realization of ALL, Absolute Reality and what REAL LIFE accurately is.

After Awakening, Kevin wrote Appamada, which provides guidance for focused, interested and sincere individuals to understand the misconceptions of spiritual enlightenment and how to Awaken themselves.

Kevin and Fuse live in beautiful Bend, Oregon.
Professional Speaker Topics: spiritual enlightenment
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto:

Happiness loses
its meaning without sadness.
Causeless Joy is free