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The release of this book accelerated the Authors internet score for Influence by Klout to 99.8% Expert for Amazon and earned her a digital badge for E-commerce on Ezine Articles for authorship on the Internet. Some one hundred books and white papers were covered to manage this book after march 2017, when the changes facing the world became evident. The following of automation and robotics was a large task for the author to canvas in simple writing.
This title offers the scope for dynamic selling by Amazon Authors in the new digital marketplace and new internet.
The panoramic view and survey of the changes in the Self publishing Industry, will support Amazon book sellers to graduate from Individual level to Enterprise level. The supporting systems, Artificial Intelligence through Bot integration, new apps and new CRM's are conveyed in this book with visual graphics.
New requirements for product discoverability and optimization are listed. Sites with tools to locate keywords for optimization, and applications in various systems becomes concise and simple to follow up.
The various levels of Enterprise advertising from authors is structures for static or dynamic approaches. metrics of production, and Return on Investment are discussed in business category.
The many aspects of scaling are depicted concisely from key players on the B2B Marketplace. The mechanisms of E-commerce, in a structure where the whole world competes, is managed in ethical and advanced systematic divisions supporting corporate process. The end view is maximum profitability.
This is not an Amazon book. It is a guide that supports the journey upwards in the e-commerce marketplace, as available in the structures of the new internet, to develop skills for self publishing, and marketing at various levels, starting from Facebook and leading to the global Amazon marketplace.
* A new idiom of language to suit the robotic attributes of its customer experience
* A new interior design with images of bots, signs, expressions, emotions and related in graphic unity and continuity.
* A canvas of actual screen shots to convey essential apps and support systems available for best usage.
* New technical skills needed for expansion and outreach and templates or indications of conversion.
*A re-education of the systems of self publishing and authors enterprise based on functional structures of internet e-commerce.
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Low Level Laser for Physical Therapist
Sports Massage. Skills Development.
Shiatsu.Skillls Development. In Spa Therapies Framework
Location (city/state/country)
Delhi. India
Author bio
The author is ranking expert with statutes and global licenses from premier organizations as ISTE and WHO(China). spa sciences
She develops her knowledge center with technical listings, library networks, cataloguing and research groups for a global readership.

The author develops interactive blogs to supplement her books and profession, for benefit of the authors community. She also researches updates on secure technology for development based on ecosystems.

The author is a senior international Spa and CAM professional.. She is an approved technical writer from ISTE to deliver skills training in the Spa and Wellness sector. She managed the successful verification of the HABIA international qualification of UK Ministry(Crown) in cosmetology, spa, beauty and massage for SAARC region. She has worked with palaces to develop a chain of spas as Director Operations and Director Technical. She has also consulted for celebrity spas and internationally renowned centers of alterative therapy.
She has consutled to US Open in therapies. She is developing a broad ecosystem based on research, library, technical standards, seminars and essays.
Professional Speaker Topics
Low Level Laser therapy
Sports Massage
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow
and learn as if you were to live forever."
Mahatma Gandhi


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