Dr. Thomas M. Caulfield

Dr. Thomas M. Caulfield
Author Name: Dr. Thomas M. Caulfield
Most Recent Book Title: Ephphatha
Book Description: Coming out in early March of 2019, “Ephphatha” is about growing up profoundly Deaf and not dumb in the hearing world: A Division I basketball recruit’s pivotal life-transforming journey to the Ivy League. It represents a compilation of personal journal entries Dr. Caulfield painstakingly wrote over a twenty year period which documents the legendary journey of his Deaf son, Christopher, and his family’s valiant attempts at helping him simply be the best he could be.
Location (city/state/country): Mahomet/Illinois/USA
Author bio: Born in Oak Park, Illinois, Thomas Caulfield learned the importance of earning a degree from his parents who were raised during the depression and had no financial ability to enter college. His first job in higher education began in 1980. In the decade following, he earned four college degrees. Throughout his career, he has also presented and published at national and state levels.
Professional Speaker Topics: Minority Student Retention In Higher Education
The Life-Transforming Journey Of Raising A Child With A Disability
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto:

Ephphatha which means to be opened.