Patience Fairweather

Author Name: Patience Fairweather
Most Recent Book Title: No, You Can’t be an Astronaut: Why you shouldn’t follow your dreams and what to do instead
Book Description: No, You Can’t be an Astronaut is a dream-killing but realistic guide to success in today’s workplace. Patience Fairweather, Ph.D. has researched today’s hypercompetitive job market extensively. On a more personal level, she has seen her students stubbornly pursuing their dreams, only to end up scraping together poverty-level wages with no health insurance or long-term security. Other former students have thoughtfully taken stock of themselves and the market, and have found success in jobs they may have never heard of. Dr. Fairweather’s mission is to pull your head out of the clouds and help you to launch a career and a life where you can truly soar.
Additional Book Titles: Fireproof: How to keep your job
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto:

Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. Because that field’s not hiring.