Most Recent Book Title: Using a Management Approach to Hazard Awareness
Book Description: This book explains how to use a management approach to inspecting for hazards in the workplace. This book is part of a series of short safety Kindle books titled Fred’s Safety Shorts series.
Additional Book Titles: Providing Safe, Healthy, and Functional Work Spaces / Safety Risk Management: Preventing Injuries, Illnesses, and Environmental Damage / Management Principles for Safety and Occupational Health Managers / Basic Construction Safety and Health / Essays on Public Administration / Essays on Safety, Health, and Environment / Basic Safety Administration: A Handbook for the New Safety Specialist / The Journey to Leadership / Top Five Hard Skills for Managers / Top Five Soft Skills for Managers / Systems Approach to Hazard Inspections / Stair and Ladder Safety / Project Management for Safety Professionals / Developing Your Company Bloodborne Pathogens Program / Risk Assessment Approach to Managing Federal Worker’s Compensation / Controlling Winter Hazards / What You Don’t Know About Facility Safety Can Get Someone Hurt / How to Use a Management Approach to Investigating Accidents / Using Risk Management: For Emergency Operations / Getting the Best Out of Collateral Duty Safety Representatives / Train Me Please: Using Innovation to Help Employees Remember Safety Training
Location (city/state/country): Salina / Kansas / United States of America
Author bio: Fred Fanning is currently writing biweekly on his blog His published works include the peer-reviewed book Basic Safety Administration-A Handbook for the New Safety Specialist. Fred also authored two editions of the peer-reviewed chapter Safety Training and Documentation Principles that was published in the bestselling Safety Professional Handbook and the Safety Professional Handbook Management Applications. He coauthored the peer-reviewed chapter Safety Training with Christine Fiori, Ph.D., PE, published in the bestselling Construction Safety Management and Engineering, second edition edited by Darryl C. Hill, Ph.D., CSP. Fred also has several self-published books. He has a series called “Fred’s Safety Shorts.” This is a collection of twelve books on topics related to safety published by Kindle Direct Publishing. Fred self-published another six books using both CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform and Kindle Direct Publishing. He has authored fifty-eight articles in various publications on the topics of safety and health and project management. Fred has received several awards for his non-fiction work.
Professional Speaker Topics: Fred used to speak about safety and health and project management. He no longer takes speaking engagements.