Scott Forrester

The Aware Athlete Cover
Scott Forrester
The Aware Athlete: How the Wild Origins of Our Human Nature And the New Science of Neuroplasiticity Are Redefining Fitness
the broad view of fitness goes beyond “physical fitness to include life fitness. Biologically fitness is the ability to adapt to the environment. This book is a journey through humans orgins, our relationship to the environment, a brief introduction to neuroplasticity and somatics and finally to the discovery of a new fitness pyramid, one which takes you on the passage through personal impasse and on to the rewards of intrinsic motiviaton and fullfillment
Fresno California
Scott is a Feldenkrais pracitioner who also enjoys running, fastpacking ( especially with his dog, Stealth) paining, writing and spending time with his wife of 45 years LeeAnn
Awareness, Mindfullness, Runnning, The Feldenkrais Method

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