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Crawling Out
Book Description
One woman's journey to an empowered life after breaking a cycle of abuse no one should have to endure.
Location (city/state/country)
Southington, Connecticut, USA
Author bio
Casey Morley has worked hard to emerge from and come to terms with a life of abuse. In Crawling Out, she unmasks the torment and secrecy she and many others endure. She offers hope and healing and educates those who don’t understand. Her mission is to help lower domestic violence statistics through raising an awareness of the reality of abuse.
Morley has been in the beauty industry for more than forty years, the last three as a certified lifestyle change coach. She helps her clients transform their lives by offering wellness programs that help restore their health, strengthen their immune systems, boost their energy, lose weight, and reduce their reliance on prescription medications. Morley offers daily support and encouragement along her clients’ wellness journeys as their bodies begin to heal naturally.
Morley raises money for local safe havens and is involved with the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV) and She has been featured in local magazines, newspapers, CT Style, Fox 61 and Channel 3.
In her free time, Morley walks four miles a day, enjoys yoga and cooking, and tries to transform everyday recipes into healthier eating options. A single mom, she lives with her amazing son in suburban Connecticut.
Professional Speaker Topics
Inspiration and advocacy for victims; Domestic violence awareness and prevention.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

I am a true survivor and my goal is to give hope to others who are suffering from abuse – to help victims find the strength, power and courage to begin their own journey of crawling out.

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