Henrik de Gyor

Henrik de Gyor
Henrik de Gyor
Keywording Now
For decades, keywording has been applied by people to enable search for people to find things online. Great keywords are the ‘secret sauce’ of the top companies online because this gets their products and services found.

With the advent of increasingly more accurate machines that can keyword thousands of images in a less than a minute, we will explore how far along machine generated keywording has come since it is no longer science fiction.

Looking for practical advice about image recognition and keywording services? This book started as a project to answer some common questions asked because these answers were not readily available. We will compare human-generated keywording and machine-generated keywording. The interviews from this book are conducted with people who are deeply involved in this field. We develop simple answers to complex problems so you can better understand them.
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Amazon Author Page
Amazon Author Page
Henrik de Gyor
Bluffton, South Carolina
Henrik de Gyor is a vendor-neutral Consultant at Another DAM Consultancy who assists, advises and advocates for clients across a wide variety of mid-size organizations to Fortune 500 companies. Previously, Henrik has worked within the fields of advertising, education, finance, journalism, marketing, media, retail, and technology.

Henrik is also an active podcaster, startup advisor, and writer.

Prior to being a consultant, Henrik worked as a Digital Asset Manager, Media Editor, Photo Researcher and an award-winning Digital Photojournalist.

When Henrik is not traveling, he resides with his wife in South Carolina.
Henrik de Gyor talks about digital asset management, keywording, machine learning, metadata, rights management, self-publishing, time management. You can see the presentations on https://www.slideshare.net/henrikdegyor

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