Carolina Esguerra Colborn

Carolina Esguerra Colborn
Author Name: Carolina Esguerra Colborn
Location (city/state/country): kent/wa/usa
Author bio: After stints as CEO of Philippine pioneers in information technology, Carol migrated to the US to take care of grandkids. She met Bill and they married at 8 pm on 08/08/08 and their life got crazy. They have just recently completed a 4-year cruise of North America in an RV, episodes of which are in her blog, Some of her posts have been published in and Carol has a BS in Math, an MBA, and a DPA abd from the University of the Philippines.
Professional Speaker Topics: 1. Utilizing Technology on the Go
2. Designing Road Trips
3. RVing Full Time
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto:

We may not have it all together but, together, we have it all!