Nina Durfee
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Say It Simply - 8 Easy Steps to Turn Readers into Clients
Book Description
Step-by-step process for solopreneurs to write the book that showcases your genius and sets you apart from others who offer similar service.
Additional Book Titles
Feel Good No Matter What - 52 Inspiring Reflections to Awaken the Life You Love!

Full Bloom - 7 Practical Steps to Get What You Want +1 to Grow On
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Woodland Park, CO, USA
Author bio
Nina Durfee's passion is clear, concise, compelling communication. As an author and Certified Professional Coach she guides women to turn passion into productivity and to live not by default, but by design. As an editor, she helps solopreneurs showcase their genius through crystal clear content to attract and retain their ideal clientele. Nina writes, edits, and coaches from her home in the Rocky Mountains.
Professional Speaker Topics
Dress Your Message for Success
Write Your Signature Book
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Say it simply.

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