Dr Jacqueline Jeynes

Very relaxed Travel Writer
Dr Jacqueline Jeynes
10 Ps of Managing Risk Post-Brexit: 10 Basic Principles
Revised version of 2000 publication: a structured approach to identifying and managing risks whatever size company/ case studies/ charts/ sample forms
Before Hiroshima: Forgotten Prisoners of War in Burma, Japan and Far East
Walking Wales: the Art Lover’s Guide to Wye Valley Way
Art Lover’s Guide to Malta & Gozo
Wales UK
long-term non-fiction author of Business books & articles (especially risk management and Health & Safety), Management Training Consultant for 25 years, Placement tutor for Aston University 3rd year business degree students, writer & tutor Aberystwyth University distance learning history of art modules, Travel Writer. Also happily married with lots of children & grandchildren!
Make the most of your experiences to write Non-fiction
Managing risks post-Brexit (whatever that might turn out to be!)
Stories from Prisoners of War held by Japanese 1940-45
How to combine love of art with travel writing

If you really want to do it, there will always be a way

If you make plans, some of them will happen – if you don’t plan then nothing will happen

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