Meg Konovska

Meg Konovska
Author Name: Meg Konovska
Most Recent Book Title: The MEGA COOL Guide to the Universe of Blogging
Book Description: A short e-book with practical advise and proven principles for aspiring or advanced bloggers. It all comes from personal experience. The text originated from an interview requested by author and entrepreneur Frank McKinley.
Additional Book Titles: 33 – a Catalogue of Imagination (fiction)
Wonder Now (co-author with Angelina Yaneva)
Location (city/state/country): London (UK)/ Sofia (Bulgaria)
Author bio: Artist, designer, author, MEGician.
I write mostly about backstage stories from the creative journey and personal development topics, helping creatives overcome their self-limiting beliefs and finally start doing what they know they should be doing.
Professional Speaker Topics: Web design – infrastructure and colour design for blogging or portfolio purposes

Online marketing – sales funnels, social media, e-mail marketing and lead generation

Personal development – mindset and self-limiting beliefs
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto:

“I do not search – I find.”
– Pablo Picasso

Alice: This is impossible!
Hatter: Only if you believe it is!
– Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton’s version

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