Terrence Sani
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You Are Your Outcome
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You Are Your Outcome - How to eliminate self-made obstacles, setbacks and fear.

Are you getting in your own way? What's holding you back? Is it: Fear, doubt, rejection, hesitation or money? You Are Your Outcome contains digestible steps and strategies to help you learn how to bulldoze any setbacks you create that stop you from getting the outcome you deserve.

After 20 years of holding myself back I've learned it isn't laziness, money or lack of knowledge that's holding you back. It's the belief that you can't let go of what you're comfortably holding onto.

You Are Your Outcome wasn't written to hold your hand or point the finger. This book was written with the intention of you pointing the finger at yourself! After reading You Are Your Outcome, you will never put yourself in position to be out positioned.
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Houston, Texas
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I help Freethinkers who struggle with the reality of not going after their purpose.

After consistently receiving straight F's, I quickly learned it's better to cheat than to repeat or so I thought. Giving up and getting comfortable lead me to experiencing: repossession, eviction, debt and abandonment. I was once a stranger to hard work and more importantly a stranger to myself.

​Until I received the wake up call that would punch me in the face, harder than Tyson ever could in his prime. My dad died unexpectedly in his sleep. With remorse, I was suddenly faced with the reality of what happens when you get comfortable and made a decision to live and teach with a purpose.
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Self expression, self motivation, personal development, leadership
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"Find what you love and let it kill you" -Charles Bukowski

  • You Are Your Outcome - How to eliminate self-made obstacles, setbacks and fear.

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