Bryna Kranzler

Bryna Kranzler
Bryna Kranzler
9 Critical Steps to Successful Self-Publishing: Get it Right the First Time
You probably think that writing the book was the hard part. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Independent publishing, while offering many advantages, involves a lot of steps and decisions, and it’s easy to make mistakes that sabotage your book’s market potential.
The Accidental Anarchist: From the Diaries of Jacob Marateck
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San Diego, CA
The Accidental Anarchist (or How to Maintain Your Sense of Humor When You’ve Been Sentenced to Death)
The Art of Optimism
The Perks of Procrastination

“I would rather that men should ask why no statue has been erected in my honor than why one has.” Marcus Porcias Cato (Cato the Elder; Roman stateman)

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