Bryna Kranzler

Bryna Kranzler
Author Name: Bryna Kranzler
Most Recent Book Title: 9 Critical Steps to Successful Self-Publishing: Get it Right the First Time
Book Description: You probably think that writing the book was the hard part. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Independent publishing, while offering many advantages, involves a lot of steps and decisions, and it’s easy to make mistakes that sabotage your book’s market potential.
Additional Book Titles: The Accidental Anarchist: From the Diaries of Jacob Marateck
Amazon Page: My author page
Location (city/state/country): San Diego, CA
Professional Speaker Topics: The Accidental Anarchist (or How to Maintain Your Sense of Humor When You’ve Been Sentenced to Death)
The Art of Optimism
The Perks of Procrastination
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto:

“I would rather that men should ask why no statue has been erected in my honor than why one has.” Marcus Porcias Cato (Cato the Elder; Roman stateman)

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