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The Whore Next Door
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An illustrated memoir of my wild years - age 18 to 35. There are 106 short chapters, each on is accompanied by one of my full page watercolor illustration in full color.
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I am working on the sequel.
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I was born in Swansea, Wales. When I was three, my parents moved to Ithaca NY where my father became a professor in the math department at Cornell University. I was a wild, rebellious child from the beginning. My formal education ended with high school, but my parents were always supportive and encouraged me to paint and draw, starting when I was a toddler.
When I was 16, I received my first commission—to paint an erotic mural with a friend on a bathroom wall in Keene, NH. Sporadic art jobs and commissions followed, including other murals. Then, from Boston to San Francisco and places in between, I worked many jobs—waiting tables, repairing antiques, milking cows, and painting houses. Since 1989, when I painted the carousel horses on a merry-go-round at Stewart Park in Ithaca, I have been working exclusively as a painter and illustrator.
My work includes illustrations for children’s books, the artwork for six award-winning card games published by Gamewright during the1990s, greeting cards for Bottman Design, teaching painting for adult education and children’s after school-programs, private commissions, many group and solo art shows, and a published, illustrated memoir called, The Whore Next Door.
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My personal motto is: Have fun and be kind.

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