Francesco Avella

Francesco Avella
Most Recent Book Title:
Perché non sono vegano. Le ragioni di un libero pensatore
Book Description:
An essay, published by Delos Digital, in which the author explains his reasons for non-vegan from an atheistic and rationalist perspective.
Additional Book Titles:
Una mente senza Dio (novel), La mia amica atea (story), and other books on atheism, rationalism and social criticism.
Author bio:
Francesco Avella was born in 1989 in Italy
A lone wolf who has always preferred the company of a book to that of noisy and superficial people.
According to the MBTI psychometric test his personality is INTJ.
Atheist activist enrolled in the Bright Movement, considers religion the opium of peoples and writes books to defend reason from irrational beliefs.
When he does not write for activism, he devotes himself to more commercial works that he publishes under various pseudonyms and writes for others as a ghostwriter.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto:

“I’m an atheist.
I’m not neutral about religion, I’m hostile to it.
I think it is a positively bad idea, not just a false one.
And I mean not just organized religion, but religious belief itself.”
(Christopher Hitchens)

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