Jeff Damulira

Jeff Damulira
Author Name: Jeff Damulira
Most Recent Book Title: Enhance Your Novel Writing With Cinematic Effects & Vivid Details
Book Description: Cinematic effects and vivid details is a highly contextualized insights and tips— revolving around cinematographic elements and spectacles to enhance your creative development of your story telling and novel writing. Analysis and observations from glittering glamour of Hollywood films to dazzling themes of fictional books. Thereby, providing ingenious techniques to incorporate more intense crescendo of swashbuckling, spectacles and dramatic suspense in storytelling. Also, the useful tips could be viable for new writers and new novelist to enhance their competitive edge. Improving the productivity rate, eliminate writer’s block process, upgrade the development of themes, subthemes, characters and story structure. However, in a highly competitive book marketplace; provides an sense of urgency to discover the secret ways of gaining higher leverage— in comparison to your competitors. Therefore, by learning more creative ideas— can literally increase your success rate in procuring book deals, winning prizes, awards and cash.
Additional Book Titles: Currently working on Revolving tales( fictional) & Matrix Assassins: Dark Side Of Intelligence Agencies( Non fictional)
Author bio: Graduated from Middlesex University in 2015. Attained Higher Certificate in undergraduate degree level with academic field of interest in:
Psychology Practice Context
Research Methods and Designs in Psychology
Psychological Data Analysis.
Currently an author, writer, consultant & volunteer in the local community.

His other accomplishment was being elected for School Voice Leader for Health & Education at Middlesex University Student Union, held a position as a Committee member and appointed as Deputy Chairman of Executive Committee.

However, his latest publication is How To Enhance Your Novel Writing With Cinematic and Vivid details, which is suited for new writers and fictional story tellers. The short ebook and kindle version is available and currently in stock.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto:

Life is too short to be miserable 🙂