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Not My Story To Tell
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Cathy Lynn Brooks spent her career working with children
with special needs, but despite her professional experience, it
was still heartbreaking for her to witness the challenges faced
by her daughter, Justine.

Justine always reminded Cathy of Annie Oakley. She was
fierce and protective of the vulnerable, but she was also
plagued by her own troubles.

At a young age, Justine was diagnosed with bipolar disorder
and post-traumatic stress disorder. As Justine grew up, she
often made bad choices due to the traumas of her past and her
mental illness. Through it all, Cathy never stopped loving her

In this revealing and powerful book, Cathy takes you back to
the early days of Justine’s childhood and the events that led to
her diagnosis. Cathy watched her daughter try time and again to
change her life, amazed and awed by Justine’s persistence,
courage, and compassion.

Cathy hopes that her daughter’s journey to a place of
healing and peace will inspire others struggling with mental
illness or caring for a family member with the same issues. She
shows families that, while there are many obstacles on the road
to better mental health, there are amazing joys waiting for you
as well!
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Cathy Lynn Brooks is a wife, mother, and grandmother from Ontario, Canada. Brooks wrote Not My Story to Tell to
honor her late daughter, Justine. She hopes her work can
provide comfort to families in similar situations.

Cathy also spent forty years working with special-needs
children and young adults. Her experiences gave her new
insights into the problems her own family faced.
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Everything happens for a reason.

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