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On This Rock: Discover What People Said and Believed about Jesus Christ in the Early New Testament Era
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What did people living around the time of Jesus of Nazareth really believe and say about him? Is he the Christ, the promised Savior? Did he really die and then rise from the dead?

This book answers these questions by examining the New Testament's record of Jesus, looking at Old Testament prophecies concerning the Christ, and exploring the writings of early Christian and non-Christian authorities.

The Christian faith stands or falls depending on whether or not the events described in the New Testament really occurred, and this book provides the needed background to understanding the truth of the Biblical account of Jesus Christ.
Additional Book Titles
The Christian Story: As Seen Through the Old Testament
To the End of the Age: Christ's Presence in the World
The Christian Faith: An Introduction
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Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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Aaron Simms is an author and writer specializing in Christian theology, history, and classical studies. He is also a pastor in The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod and a member of the American Academy of Religion.

His interests include the foundations of the Christian faith, history, current events, and international affairs. When he's not writing, blogging, preaching, or working, he enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, hiking, and running.
Professional Speaker Topics
Early Church History, Christian Theology
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