Lori A. Reichel

Lori A. Reichel
Lori A. Reichel
Prepping Parents for Puberty Talks: A Compilation of Over 500 Questions Children Ask with Child-Friendly Answers
Children are curious about the changes occurring to their bodies during puberty, as well as other concepts related to human sexuality. Parents are also curious, particularly about the common questions children ask on these topics. In Prepping Parents for Puberty Talks, parents are provided this insight. Written in a question-and-answer format, Lori A. Reichel supplies over 500 questions asked by children, such as:
– Do cats and dogs go through puberty?
– Why do testicles hang outside the body?
– Why do girls’ hips widen?
– Which is better to use: menstrual pads or tampons?

And by supplying child-friendly, age-appropriate answers to these questions, this book offers parents the guidance they need to knowledgeably speak on topics that can often intimidate. To further help, “Ten Useful Tips for Puberty Talks” are included, as well as a list of resources.
Tools for Teaching Comprehensive Human Sexuality
Lori Reichel is a passionate health educator who believes everyone has the right to be healthy, safe, and happy. A former New York State school health educator and administrator, she currently works at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse as an Assistant Professor in the Health Education & Health Promotion Department and the Director of the School Health Education Programs.
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