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Profit Without Census? A Nursing Home Administrator's Guide to Profitability by Department
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Healthcare facilities have an average of 15 departments that all impact the financial bottom line. Census building cannot be the only focus. Profit Without Census? A Nursing Home Administrator’s Guide to Profitability by Department, is a Christian leader’s team approach to hundreds of creative, thought provoking ideas to jump start your financial health through revenue generation, expense reduction and efficiency improvement. Some of these ideas can be implemented immediately resulting in instant savings. By cultivating strong teamwork, a rising tide is created. If you master profitability by department, increases in census are icing on the cake! In a profession that is all about people, the primary goal of the achievement of profit is to be able to do more for your residents and employees. Seal the leaks in your boat, and you can sail the open seas!
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Sequels by Department coming soon!
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Swanton, Ohio
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Becky Ziviski, CPA, LNHA is the CEO of Profit Without Census, a financial healthcare consulting firm in Ohio. She is also the author of “Profit Without Census? A Nursing Home Administrator’s Guide to Profitability by Department”. In addition to her experience in public accounting as an auditor, she has served as chief financial officer, administrator and executive director for both family-owned and corporate-owned skilled nursing facilities over the last fifteen years. She has been responsible for multi-million dollar budgets while sustaining high profit margins, family-friendly atmospheres and achieving deficiency free health surveys. She helps healthcare facilities achieve the success they desire whether it be profit enhancement, increased fair market value or process improvements. She strongly believes that increased profits help provide facilities the framework necessary to improve the lives of residents and employees. She is a graduate of the University of Toledo and also attended The Ohio State University. To learn more about Becky, visit

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Improving Healthcare Financial Operations
Profit Without Census? Is It Possible?
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No Margin = No Mission

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