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Spirit Led Conscience Guided: A True Story
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Mistakes happen and are the result of bad choices and bad decisions. No one is immune from them. They are a part of living but what we do to resolve a mistake after it is made, determines a lasting negative or positive impact on one’s life. In this very unique story, Spirit-Led, Conscience-Guided: a true story, Crystal is caught up in her own negative, yet, destructive thinking that emerges out of an unwanted pregnancy which she had learned, months earlier by way of prophecy, that she’ll give birth to twins who couldn’t have come at a worse time in her life when she didn’t want any more children. And while despair becomes her daily companion in her loveless marriage, Crystal desperately clings onto forgiveness and her faith in God. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, they become the two essential spiritual tools that help her combat negative outcomes in her life and that of her four children and the restoration of their broken lives.
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Tempe, AZ

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