Dr. Brenda Stratton
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Lord, Deliver Me From (How to Stop Becoming Your Own Worst Enemy)
Book Description
Lord, Deliver Me from Me will help you to examine some of the issues that keep you from moving on in your life, and give you practical steps to overcome them. It addresses such issues as; forgiving myself (We may be able to forgive others, but most of the time we have a hard time forgiving ourselves), What to do when we are angry at God, Getting rid of the skeleton in the closet, and moving on from toxic people. This is a step-by-step handbook that will give you some practical questions to answer with practical applications to achieve a fulfilling relationship with God, others, and yourself.
Location (city/state/country)
Chesapeake, VA
Author bio
Dr. Brenda Stratton is a meologist, the CEO of "Transformational Me," Life and Personal Development Coach and the #1 Amazon Bestseller of "Lord, Deliver Me From Me." Dr. Stratton is a former Pastor, Church Administrator, Special Education teacher, Bible College teacher, and College professor. She is the founder of Message to the Nations and serves as a missionary. She is a dynamic speaker who presents to spiritual retreats, churches and business workshops throughout the United States and internationally. She has over 30 years experience in providing private coaching services in Life Transformation Ministry to over 2500 people, bringing emotional healing the hurting, wounded, brokenhearted and abused. Her book and course is being used in prisons in California which are California Institution for Women(CW) and Central California Women's Facility(CCWF)
Professional Speaker Topics
Personal Development, Forgiveness, Toxic Relationships, Dealing with Rejection, Eliminating emotional baggage, Releasing hurts from the past, Discovering your identity and destiny, women issues and leadership development.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

I am like Mr. Clean Eraser helping you to get rid of those stubborn hurts and Pains.

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