Why Cry Over Your Neighbour\\\'s Pie
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Why Cry Over Your Neighbour's Pie
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The book is in 4 parts - Life. Mind. Balance. Control. How do we perceive life? Mind - is it a magic or a monster? What is the role of Balance in Life? What is the extent of our control over life?
Why do we forget important information? How can we handle the perennial problems which crowd our lives? Is life unfair? Why is a Me-time necessary for everyone? Whom can we control one hundred percent, in life? It will tell and kill many beliefs that people held earlier.
The four parts of the book will triggers a certain thought process in the mind of the readers and enable them to see that a happy and a successful life is possible through some very simple and logical approaches.....
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Kolkata. West Bengal. India.
Author bio
Graduate (Philosophy & Psychology) from Sophia College, Mumbai. India.
Soft-Skill Trainer/ Motivational speaker/ Corporate Trainer for more than a decade.
Avid reader of books. Love music,travelling and meeting people.
Passionate writer since school days.
Currently reside in the city of joy - Kolkata. India.
Professional Speaker Topics
How to be a Leader / Leadership Skills
Stress management / Building the right Attitude and its benefits
Communication Skills/Body Language/Verbal & Non-verbal Communication & its importance
Team management & the Challenges of handling a team.
Confidence Building / Getting rid of fear factors
Rise to the Top / Accepting challenges
Interview Skill (mostly for students preparing for campus interviews)
Work place Etiquette & Social Etiquette
Discover the mystery called, 'Yourself'
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

" The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu

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