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The Professional Self-Publisher's Quick-Start Guide (working title)
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Regardless of what you are doing, you should do it well. "The Professional Self-Publisher's Quick-Start Guide" aims to help you self-publish in a way that is beneficial to your readers, to businesses that want to sell your book, and to you.

Melinda Martin has consulted with and designed for over 300 authors. While the topics "get your book professionally edited and designed" are covered, this guide extends beyond that and focuses on the business end of publishing.

"The Professional Self-Publisher's Quick-Start Guide" covers the following topics:

-Choosing a Name for Your Self-Publishing Business
-Branding Your Self-Publishing Business (Logo and Imprints)
-ISBN Options
-Barcode Options
-Print and Publishing Options for Your Books
-The Accounts You Need and the Information You Need to Set Them Up
-Documentation Preparation Guidelines for Working with a Book Designer
-Choosing the Right layout For Your Book
-Elements of a Professional Book Design
-Suggested Order of Events for the Publishing Process

Save time, money, and tears by getting industry-standard answers and advice in one place from a full-service book designer.
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Palestine, TX
Author bio
Melinda Martin owns Martin Publishing Services and is the go-to gal for full-service book design. She has worked alongside over 300 authors and indie presses to help them publish with pride. A native Texan, she believes in creating a friendly atmosphere for learning and networking. The very active Self-Publishing Support Group on Facebook provides a rich community for over 2,800 authors, designers, editors, publishers, and marketers.
Professional Speaker Topics
Win-Win-Win: Working with Your Cover Designer to Achieve All-Around Success

Your Interior Designer and You: It’s a Symbiotic Relationship

Book Design Matters: What You Need to Know about Book Design

Preparing to Succeed: How to Correctly Set Up Your Word Document

The Business End: Best Practices for Professional Self-Publishers
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Strive not to be of success, but rather to be of value." --Albert Einstein

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