Dee Coxon MA MD MCMI
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Polish The Diamond In Your Heart
Book Description
How to discover your unique for and brilliance and use it to start a business in mid life and beyond. Memoir + workbook + guide.
Location (city/state/country)
Newcastle Tyne and Wear England
Author bio
Dee Coxon is a business start-up coach for midlife women. A former hairdresser and beauty therapist she learned everything she knows about women within the four walls of her salon. With a lifelong niggle to follow a different calling, she eventually swapped her scissors for a laptop and entered the online world aged 50. In that same year she became a grandmother, gained a Master’s degree and lost her mother. The latter having a profound effect on how she sees and does things now. Dee is the creator of The Fast Class; a bespoke accelerated learning experience that shows women how to get their business online in less time.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Your career is what you're paid for - Your calling is what your made for.

  • Dee Coxon

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