Lori Morrison, Intuitive, Coach, Spiritual & Shamanic Healer
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Lori: The Disintegration of My Ordinary Reality
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At fifty-two, in the wake of her husband's death, Lori Morrison found herself living alone on the edge of a volcanic crater lake in a lush jungle of El Salvador, mourning and feeling an intense desire to make sense of her loss. This powerful book tells the inspiring true story of how Morrison's mind cracked open so that she began to see, hear, and feel the subtle energy of other dimensions of reality, including that of a mysterious past as an ancient Mayan priest. Despite the wonder of these new perceptions, her turbulent awakening pushed Lori into a spiritual crisis. She landed in a locked psychiatric ward where the doctors had no insight on her experience.

Struggling to make sense of her new identity, Lori's quest to educate herself and salvage her sanity led her from faraway Columbia, where she did rituals with indigenous healers, to a rehab center in California and the Sistine Chapel in Rome, then back to Lake Ilopango to fulfill her Mayan destiny. With the assistance of a gifted medium, a Native American shaman, and other healers, she also ultimately enjoyed the spiritual reunion she had dreamed of with her husband and was empowered to guide others in awakening.
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Sedona, Arizona, USA
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Combining her skills as a coach, spiritual counselor, healer, and psychic intuitive, Lori Morrison has built a successful practice in Sedona, Arizona, working with clients from all over the world. She has had particular success in supporting those who have experienced trauma, grief, and debilitating life events, and has dedicated herself to the use of alternative methods and ancient wisdom to reduce her clients’ reliance on antipsychotic medication.

As a counselor, she is guided by the goal of changing the framework around mental illness from one of despair to the recognition of the emergence of a creative gift that can lead to dramatic improvements in recovery. Lori is a member of the board of directors of the Mental Health Coalition of Verde Valley, Arizona, where she advocates the acceptance of complementary programs for mental illness.

Lori has traveled the world while studying the application of sacred sciences and shamanic and alternative healing methods with many of the world’s most recognized spiritual teachers. Her work incorporates a spectrum of new ideas and innovative approaches to balance body and mind.

Prior to the spiritual awakening that led Lori to her work in the spirit world and in mental health, she was a New York banker, a successful wine and gourmet food purveyor in Napa Valley, California, and Central America, and a philanthropist. She is especially proud of her contribution to social and environmental causes around Lake Ilopango through a foundation she established with her late husband, Tino, in El Salvador.

Lori's first book and memoir, Lori: The Disintegration of my Ordinary Reality is a winner of three prestigious book awards, 2017 Gold Medal winner in the Living Now Book Awards, 2017 Silver Medal winner of the Non-Fiction Book Awards, and a 2017 Honoree of the Book Readers Appreciation Group (B.R.A.G).

Lori is also the creator of Harmony: Tree of Life, a transformational meditation experience, also available in Spanish.

Visit her at www.LoriMorrison.com.
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Grief, Death & Dying, After-life, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Healing, Coaching, Counseling, Shamanic Healing
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