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Something's Tugging on My Claw!
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"Something's Tugging on My Claw!" takes readers on a young blue lobster's journey to discover the culprit who was tugging on his claw. Once he solves the mystery, the blue lobster is delighted to discover that a claw that's dropped on purpose to escape danger isn't necessarily lost forever.
Additional Book Titles
"Perfection To A Fault: A Small Murder in Ossipee, New Hampshire, 1916"(historical true crime; voted "Best in New Hampshire" by New Hampshire Magazine);
"Did You Make the Hole in the Shell in the Sea?"(Silver Falchion Award Winner);
"The Bumpy, Lumpy Horseshoe Crab."
All books were reviewed by Kirkus, and "Perfection To A Fault" was reviewed by Publisher's Weekly.
Coming soon: "Bay State Skye" (a fiction based on true stories from interviews with members of the fishing industry.)
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Massachusetts, USA
Author bio
Janice S. C. Petrie has been enchanted by the sea for as long as she can remember. She became a certified SCUBA diver while in high school, and spent many years exploring coastal waters. Her fascination with marine invertebrates grew while working for the New England Aquarium as an Outreach Specialist. Since then, she’s spent years caring for these fascinating sea animals, and teaching children and adults about the habitats and sea life commonly found near the shore. The material covered in her children’s stories are topics commonly taught by Petrie in her popular sea animal programs. Petrie has experience in all facets of the sea, having worked as an assistant plant manager of a large, Gloucester/Boston seafood company.

In her free time, Petrie made many trips to the Ossipee, New Hampshire area to visit with the Ossipee Historical Society, the Carroll County Courthouse, and the Concord State Library, trying to piece together the events of 1916 that kept everyone mesmerized while the tragic story was unfolding, yet was seldom mentioned years later. She gained interest in this story after learning the cottage she spent a single night vacationing in as a baby, seemed to be occupied by an unsettling presence.

As a certified teacher, grades K-8, and a Reading Specialist, all ages, Petrie has earned her Bachelor of Science and Master of Education degrees in the field of education, with a concentration in reading. Petrie also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art, with a graphic design concentration. Because of her background in developing integrated curriculum units for elementary and middle schools, Petrie has available on her website, free, downloadable curriculum packets for each of her children’s books.
Professional Speaker Topics
Coastal Marine Invertebrates (ages 5 and up to adult)

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