Jackie Garner
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The Wildlife Artist's Handbook
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You'd like to draw and paint wildlife? Let me show you how.

The Wildlife Artist's Handbook is packed with examples, tips, case studies and inspiring images from thirty professional artists. The content originates from real life situations - such as how to draw a moving subject, placing the subject in a habitat, making sense of anatomy, discovering composition, working from photographs and much, much more. Discover how to get your art established, where to see wildlife art around the world, and how to use the internet to explore wildlife art.

A comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to respond creatively to the natural world.
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Gloucestershire, UK
Author bio
Jackie Garner is a professional wildlife artist, illustrator, former education officer at the Nature in Art Museum, art teacher, wildlife fanatic and ex-bird ringer, all of which came in useful when writing The Wildlife Artist's Handbook.

Jackie originates from - and now has a studio in - Gloucestershire, but briefly left the county to train at Medway College of Design in the 1980s. Her first love is drawing, with painting in acrylics or watercolours a close second.

Wildlife Art has taken her to far-flung destinations, such as Egypt and the Falkland Islands. Both venues inspired a series of paintings, leading to solo exhibitions in London.
Professional Speaker Topics
Nature in Art
Focus on the Falklands
Ancient Egypt: Wildlife Art Detective
Wildlife Artist’s World - Behind the Scenes
The Making of a Wildlife Art Book
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"For those who are willing to make an effort, great miracles and wonderful treasures are in store." Isaac Bashevis Singer

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