Judith Ellison Shenouda
Services Offered
Editing, formatting, cover design, and file preparation for print and EBooks; cover design; supporting self-publishers and hybrid publishers
Most Recent Book Title
A Step, a Stroll, a Blog, a Book: Collecting My Thoughts
Book Description
A Step, a Stroll, a Blog, a Book: Collecting My Thoughts wraps up a decade of favorite postings from the author’s blog. The years from 2011 through 2021 proved to be productive, thoughtful, and meaningful ones for this owner of a technical communication business who has authored and published books that allowed her to be expressive and creative with words and topics of interest. With much to blab and blog about, 30 plus blog postings—organized in chapters titled Calendar, Writing, Business, Communities, Passages, and Her Company—reveal wit, warmth, and wisdom.

In the posting “Starts and Stops” the author wrote I started. I persevered. I finished. This might just explain how a step becomes a stroll and how a blog becomes a book. In this little gem of a book, we learn what it takes to make progress.
Additional Book Titles
Career Success in 12 Easy Steps: A Journal

Living Well In Froggy’s World of Plenty: Sweet Talk to Read Aloud

A Bisl of This, A Bisl of That: Eating Our Way

Location (city/state/country)
Upstate New York, USA
Author bio
Judith Ellison Shenouda is owner of Shenouda Associates Inc., a business that assists authors and publishers at any phase of the book publishing process and researches, writes, and edits the many professional publications that streamline processes, launch products, and promote each client’s brand. At the hub of a thriving network of professional associates, Judy has a knack for connecting with others in a meaningful way.

An active member of the professional communication and publishing community; a long-time member and facilitator of a nonfiction book club; a frequent presenter at local, national, and international conferences; and a seasoned educator and communicator, Judy makes it a priority to connect with the next generation of workers, recognizing their rich potential and capabilities using new media as modes of communication. At the same time, she applauds the technical acumen, product knowledge, facility with many publishing tools, and sound judgment of experienced workers.
Professional Speaker Topics
Infographics, Books, and Publications Tell Our Story

Your Business, Services, and Products Are Stories Waiting to Be Told: Write a Book

Share, Sell, and Give: Value Your Worth

If You’re So Smart, Why Does So Much Go Awry?

Book Clubs Can Change the World

Visit https://judithshenouda.wordpress.com/events/ to see the talks, presentations, and workshops given over many years.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Do what you must. Then do a little bit more."

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