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My Last Last Name is Grace
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Being raised as a little, conservative Mennonite girl in Lancaster, PA, I resisted joining my parents' church, due to being forced to wear the head covering. The ridicule in school and eventual shunning by some of my family members, due to my divorces, paved a path of rebellion, lasting through two marriages. My life-changing choices and land mines marked "me" forced me to sit in the consequences of those results. This blunt, bare-all memoir is full of God's amazing grace, after traveling through a journey of guilt, discouragement, and forgiveness. Finally, after the acceptance of God's grace, I was salvaged out of the rubble and ashes that remained. May the storms of my life bring the reader courage and recognize, as comforting as my mother's quilts, one can be assured of God's grace in their life. God's grace will welcome me through my final front door of Home.
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In the process of completing "Living Under Cover"
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Rock Hill, South Carolina USA
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Breaking the Mennonite tradition, I was the first to graduate from high school on both sides of my paternal and maternal families. At nineteen, without a college education, I taught first through fourth grades at a parochial school. At forty years old, I enrolled in college to earn an Associate Degree of Applied Sciences to become a registered nurse, leaving a secretarial career. Upon graduation, I began a twenty-year geriatrics career in nursing homes, ending as a Personal Care Home Administrator. After praying for a godly man, I met my husband, Mike. Following his dream to work for a non-profit organization, Mike accepted a job with Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Charlotte, NC. Thus, we moved to South Carolina, away from my three children and seven grandchildren. I travel frequently to Pennsylvania, attend Creative Writing classes and create speaking platforms with my ministry. God's grace continues to pour into my wondrous life!
Professional Speaker Topics
Educate others about being raised in an Anabaptist Mennonite family in PA; the differences between horse-and-buggy Old Order Mennonites (my paternal grandparents) and Amish (my birthplace was centered in beautiful Lancaster County's Amish country); explanations about why and how "shunning, rumspringa (sowing wild oats), and ex-communication" is still practiced among conservative Mennonites; sharing my spiritual journey, ending with a true understanding of God's grace under the teaching of my Worship Center pastor, and being transformed at the cross; sharing my experiences of how a tremendous unexpected hurricane blew in and left such devastation that only God could rectify; how a stronger woman, full of clarity, forgiveness, and wisdom was salvaged; why I had to write my memoir for my grandchildren to understand why three men, two ex-husbands and a present husband attended their birthday parties, a fact that I was ashamed of, (now that they are older, my story must be told); remind others of God's super-abundant grace and to look for parts in their story how God, the whole time, held them in the palm of His hand!
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Verse: Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need (Hebrews 4:16)

"Only God and Billy (Graham) would be the reason to leave my family behind!"

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