Tikaani Moon
Book Description
A work in progress. I am writing a documentary about my family's experience in a haunted house. I have been living in a haunted house for about 15 years and continue to. The house is located in Minnesota. This book should help validate other families who has experienced paranormal activity in their homes.
Location (city/state/country)
United States, Minnesota
Author bio
I am a writer of books, manga, games, screenplays and films, and blogs. I have even created a concept for a new gaming console. Pretty soon, I will be publishing my first book. I have created over 40 books, 100+ manga, 10 games and 2 film scripts. As a writer, I write under the pen name Tikaani Moon for my appreciation of Native American culture. As a manga writer, I write under the names Ayumu and Ayumi.

2016, I finished a Bachelor's degree at Rasmussen college for Business Management and accounting. After that, I officially became vice president of a new and upcoming business. I'm a registered nurse and I am now working as a PCA.
Professional Speaker Topics
Native American Culture Awareness
Victims of Racism in America
Real Life Paranormal Experiences
Living as a Biracial/Multi-Ethnic Person
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Before you are dead and rotten, either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing. - Benjamin Franklin.

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