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Our Lost Tohickon Valley
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“Our Lost Tohickon Valley” is the story of love for the land, of homes and families uprooted, and of a lifestyle that lives now only in memory. In the mid Twentieth Century, Haycock Township, Bucks Country, Pennsylvania, was home to writers, artists, famers and inventors. Part of the original Penn’s Woods, the area was known for its historical buildings, bucolic beauty, and unique volcanic landscape of rocks and boulders; facts that may have contributed to its being chosen in the 1960’s as the site of a state park.

One by one, historic mills, field stone homes and barns, many dating back to the Revolutionary War and beyond, were taken by right of eminent domain. In all, 240 families had their lives changed forever as the history of a region disappeared below the water line of Lake Nockamixon.

“Our Lost Tohickon Valley” brings back to life the people and places that once occupied the area now known as Nockamixon State Park. Commissioned by the Haycock Historical Society, “Our Lost Tohickon Valley” is more than a historical record of what was, it is an emotional journey through a time that will never come again.

Authors Marjorie Goldthorp Fulp and Pamela Feist Varkony, who had their family homes taken by the state to make way for the park, conducted years of research, collecting photographs and stories along the way. For the reader, “Our Lost Tohickon Valley” is an engaging 340 page historical record, including hundreds of photographs, of this special time and place.

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Allentown, PA, USA
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An author, freelance columnist and commentator, her stories cover subjects from business ethics to the status of women in the third world. Her last fact-finding trip to Afghanistan included an “embed” assignment with the Command Surgeon of U.S. Troops in theater. She has contributed stories to National Public Radio for regional and national broadcasts, and hosted her own radio program on Voice America Network. She is the co-author of a history of Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania: “Our Lost Tohickon Valley”, a portrait of the early Twentieth Century, is now in its third printing.

Nationally recognized speaker, writer, and commentator, Pamela Varkony, is known for her insights on leadership, politics, and the human condition. She has provided professional development strategies and motivational keynotes for organizations from the Fortune 500 to entrepreneurial start-ups.

Pam is also a member of the “Pennsylvania Women’s Press Assoc.” who recognized her with a 2008 “Excellence in Journalism” award for her editorial writing. She is a member of the Business Council for Peace, a UNIFEM/UN organization as well as a member of the board of the Forum for Ethics at DeSales University.
Professional Speaker Topics
“Defining Success…A Personal Strategy for the Future”

“Leveraging Your Leadership Style”

“Courage, Character & Commitment”

"The Future of Women in Politics"

"Afghan Journal"
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

'Courage is the price that life extracts from us for granting us peace" Amelia Earhart

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