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Be A Better Me... For You: Master Your Life and Become Your Ideal Self
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Becoming a Better Me is about becoming the most complete person you can be, so that not only do you live a fulfilling and joyous life, but you can bring those gifts to others. This is a book about taking control of your life. This book serves as a guide to help people realize that their happiness, their success, their attitude, and joyous moments do not start with someone or something else. They are not born of special events. Rather, they start with me and they start with you. You must do things that make you a better person. Do things that give you happiness. Be the kind of person that takes matters into their own hands and be happy with yourself. Only then can you truly give those gifts and talents to others.
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Learning from Life: Simple Ideas to Add More Joy to Your Life
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Frisco/Texas/United States
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Jim Morack has over 25 years of management experience in customer service, call centers, operations, and consultative sales, and has an MBA from Eastern University. His passion is speaking to and inspiring people and organizations about personal growth and development, goal-getting, and creating powerful new beginnings - personally and professionally. Jim works with people and organizations that want to transform themselves and energize their goals. He is the author of “Learning from Life: Simple Ideas to Add More Joy to Your Life” as well as a member of the National Speaker’s Association.

“My focus is showing others how to make significant advances in their lives by understanding the power behind making better decisions. Businesses and individuals alike can create their desired destiny, once they realize the power to change for the better is just one good decision away. Change doesn’t have to be painful, uncomfortable, or scary. It could be a loving adventure in self-exploration. Be more playful and let life be the wonderful adventure it was meant to be.”
Professional Speaker Topics
Goal Getting
Creating New Beginnings
Customer Service
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When you change what you believe, you change what you do.

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