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Business Lessons
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Business Lessons is a practical business book which I wrote after I was defrauded of $116250, I decided to share my experience and lessons learnt. From the book you will learn

What type of business is right for you?

Things you have to consider before going into business

One uncommon fact about money

How to avoid being defrauded in business

How to avoid been defrauded when paying for any property

What to consider before locating your business in any area

How to make your business stand out from the crowd
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You are The Solution
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Love Oladele is the CEO of Today’s Leaders Internet Solutions, a subsidiary of Today’s Leaders Ventures, an organisation whose mission is:

To help people discover the vast business opportunities on the internet.
To expose you to how you can maximize internet technology to your own advantage.

She is an educational business consultant, writer, public speaker, an internet and information marketer,. She has taught thousands of persons how to start their own businesses, how to market their business online and how to take their offline business online.

She owns where she transacts her bulk SMS business, and helps her wide varieties of clients to send their customized text messages.

She is the founder of where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs ask business questions and share business lessons. Love Oladele is a book-worm and in charge of the readers’ club where readers are encouraged to read at least a business book a month. She recommends a book for the month for readers to buy and read and readers can share what they have learnt from the book of the month and ask questions on areas they need clarification. You can suggest any business book you want discussed on the blog to her via

She is a business administrator by profession, a teacher by calling. She is born into this world to teach and that is what she is doing through her writings and training. She is the author of a business book and two personal development books. “Business Lessons, You are The Solution and Success Solutions for Students in Secondary Schools”

She also partners with her brother Onomhen in Barthbol Properties and Security LTD where they help people get genuine property in Abuja in Nigeria and also provide well trained private security guards for organizations and individuals.

If you want to hire Love to
• Speak at your event
• Write your book, article, newsletter or blog post
• Help you take your business online
• Help you buy, sell or manage your landed property
• Provide you with well trained private security guards

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