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Great Horned Owlets Rescue: Where There's a Will, There's a Way....
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Cheryl and her husband, Jim rescue a pair of Great Horned Owl babies after tragedy leaves the family homeless. The frightened little owlets are left unprotected and stranded on the ground; unable to defend themselves from predators that roam the woods. After seeking advice from a professional, Cheryl and Jim attempt the dangerous task of relocating the owlets and provide the family with a new home. The adult Great Horned Owls also known as raptors with a reputation of being extremely aggressive, show a different side when faced with sudden adversity. Cheryl shares her emotions in this personal narrative as she observes this family in the wild. She documents the details of the rescue, the emotional journey of the two owlets which she names Wisdom and Willow and the heartwarming outcome. A captivating story of love, trust, respect and the gift of gratitude.
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Westport, Massachusetts
Author bio
Cheryl Aguiar is a first-time author and entrepreneur who has an intuitive admiration and in-depth respect for nature and its wildlife.
Cheryl is a hardworking, self-employed salon owner in the small, New England Town of Westport, Massachusetts where she also resides with her husband Jim. Cheryl and Jim live in a quaint, country style home, hand built by themselves near the woods she explored as a child. With nothing more than a high school diploma, Cheryl has succeeded in her businesses, becoming a self-taught photographer and learning the art of writing.
Cheryl’s true passion is her love for nature, traveling, exploring and photographing the beauty of our landscapes and magnificent wildlife all around the country. She travels whenever it's possible with her husband Jim. They also own land in New Vineyard, Maine, their own piece of woodland paradise. In discovering the amazing beauty surrounding her homes and around the country, Cheryl founded Roadside Stills Photography and continues growing while exploring her talents. Her strong passion and entrepreneurial spirit have granted her the ability to share her experiences with nature through the lens of a camera and now… on paper.
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Never stop exploring... with Mother Nature by your side, the possibilities are endless.

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