Matt Landry
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Forward, Upward, Onward
Book Description
Hiking the forty-eight, four-thousand-foot peaks of New Hampshire's White Mountains taught me more than I could ever imagine.

I decided to embrace adventure and took on the enormous quest, the difficult and rewarding journey, and the exciting adventure. By fearfully stepping beyond my comfort zone to discover what I was made of, I learned some valuable lessons along the way about habits, discipline, mindfulness, friendship, challenges, attitude, mindset, comfort, mental strength, and my perceived physical limitations. Reading this book, you'll learn a lot about them as well.

Take a walk with me as I climb mountain by mountain, and experience the lessons and takeaways learned from each peak I summited.
Location (city/state/country)
Westminster / MA / USA
Author bio
Matt Landry is both a teacher and a student of life, having experienced it from it's exhilarating highs to it's devastating lows. A lover of life, nature, and the outdoors, he travels extensively, learning as much as he possible can about human nature and the world around him.

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