Most Recent Book Title
"Let's Get Cracking! The How-To Book of Bullwhip Skills"
Book Description
Bullwhip expert (and 4-time Guinness World Record holder) Robert Dante teaches whip cracking for beginners to advanced performers, from A to Z, covering the dynamics of safe bullwhip handling, basic cracks, elementary tricks and stunts, advanced whip cracking routines and flashes, performing, whips as exercise for fitness, whip maintenance, teaching, two-handed whips, blacklight nylon whips, and much more. Includes photos of some superstars of the world-wide bullwhip community. With Sylvia Rosat. Illustrated, with appendices.
Additional Book Titles
Silent Command (poems)
Location (city/state/country)
Mound, MN
Author bio
Bullwhip artist and writer, 4-time Guinness World Record holder
Professional Speaker Topics
Self Empowerment; Whip Cracking; Teamwork; Way of the Samurai/Bullwhip Artist; "As Above, So Below" - What the Whip Has Taught Me.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Do the thing and you have the power." Emerson

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