Meade Fischer

High above Quito, Ecudor
Author Name: Meade Fischer
Most Recent Book Title: Clueless Guy’s Guide to Love and Beyond
Book Description: Humorous book of advice to clueless men on how to find and keep a good woman.
Additional Book Titles: With the Sea Beside Me: An intimate guide to the central and northern California coast.
Cosmic Coastal Chronicles
Shattering the Crystal Face of God
To Sea for Myself: Reflections of a solitary kayaker
A California Explorer: 5 years of articles for California Explorer mag.
Location (city/state/country): Boise, ID, USA
Author bio: I’m an author and freelance writer. I have written 11 books, both fiction and non fiction, and I’m currently working on a novel
Professional Speaker Topics: West coast adventure travel
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto:

“A perfect definition applies only to a completed reality.” H. Bergson.