Patrick Hempfing
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MoMENts: A Dad Holds On
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In MoMENts: A Dad Holds On, author Patrick Hempfing shares a former CPA turned stay-at-home dad’s hilarious and poignant moments as he tries to hold on to his precocious child. Patrick conquers the day-to-day challenges of daddy-daughter chaos while embracing the pockets of love, joy, and happiness that make fatherhood exhilarating.
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Not Your Mothers Book ... On Working for a Living
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Orlando, FL
Author bio
Patrick Hempfing had a 20-year professional career in banking, accounting, and auditing before he became a father at age 44. He is now a stay-at-home dad, husband, and writer. Patrick’s self-syndicated column, “MoMENts,” has been published more than 500 times in regional parenting magazines across the United States and Canada, and Tribune publications, including the Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, Sun Sentinel, Carroll County Times, and Capital Gazette. Publishing Syndicate published one of his stories in Not Your Mother’s Book … On Working for a Living. He has also won numerous writing awards and is Treasurer of the Southeastern Writers Association.
Professional Speaker Topics
Journey from a 20-year professional career to a stay-at-home dad, self-syndicated columnist, and book author.
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Cherish the moments.

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