Cara E. Moore
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Crystal Healing Workshop Training
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Crystal Healing is about healing the etheric body which is the source of any imbalances that may manifest themselves in the physical body.

An important aspect of this balance maintenance is keeping the flow of energy moving through the Chakra System. Various meditations, vibration frequencies and colour of gemstones and Yoga exercises can help with this process.

This 5 Lesson course explains the chakra system in relationship to mind, body and spirit, what crystals are helpful in the process and how to use them.

Lesson 1

History of Using Crystals to Heal

Lesson 2

Pendulum Use, Crystal Grids

Lesson 3

Crystal Uses

Lesson 4

Identifying Stones

Lesson 5

Therapy Room Setup, Making Crystal Essences

Crystal Healing Final Exam

80% pass rate is require to receive completion certificate. Accredited by World Metaphysical Association
Additional Book Titles
Herbalism Training Workshop
Crystal Healing & The Chakra System
Herbal Primer
Horizon's Place And Time Meet (Collection of Poetry)
Haven of Danger: A Nathan Vallor Investigation (Mystery Series)
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swansea, wales, uk
Author bio
Cara E. Moore is a writer, poet and playwright who writes for Newspapers, Magazines and Internet sites, and whose play, The Healing won an honorable mention in the 1996 Writer's Digest Playwright Competition. She is the author of a collection of poetry Horizon’s Place And Time Meet. She is also a Crystal Healing and Herbalism Practitioner and a Hatha Yoga Teacher, training at the British School of Yoga. She runs courses in Crystal Healing and Herbalism accredited by the World Metaphysical Association and has formulated a range of health and beauty products Crystal Essence ® available from Crystal Arts And Health.
Professional Speaker Topics
Crystal Healing, Herbalism, Hatha Yoga, Dragon Magic, Poetry, Wild Foods, Angel Ritual, Magical Oils and Incense
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

A good heart is the greatest wisdom. Charles Dickens

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