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Overcoming Adversity and Attracting Success
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Near Death, Addiction, Abuse, Recovery, Relapse, Reconciliation, Failure and Success - Sam has learned the hard way and he wants to share his experience, strength and hope with you so you don't have to.

In the first book, “7 Simple Success Principles”, Sam focuses on his professional experience as a registered community planner. The message:

“We manifest success by focusing our energy on activities that support achieving our goals.”

In this book, he focuses on his personal experience and lessons learned in the process. The message:

“When we overcome the challenges life presents us, we open the door to attracting success.”

In the first part of this book Sam shares his story and challenges he overcame during his first forty years. In the remaining two thirds of the book, he shares lessons learned how you too can overcome adversity in your life.

Sam has found a recipe that has worked to create success in his life.
The ingredients are readily available; however, the precise combination and measurements are unique to his experiences. He shares this recipe with you so you can create your own successes.

Overcoming Adversity & Attracting Success is the second eBook in the Planning for Success series by Sam Edge. Sam shares his personal story overcoming challenges in his life and what he's learned in the process. His story includes near death experience, addiction, abuse, recovery, relapse, reconciliation and success.
Additional Book Titles
7 Simple Success Principles

We live in a complicated and competitive world. It's hard to get ahead without an Edge. The Planning for Success series provides a clear set of tools that will give you the edge you need to succeed. "7 Simple Success Principles" is an insider’s peek into the urban & community planning profession and how you can use coveted professional planning secrets to create success as you move towards your true purpose in life.

As a Registered Professional Planner, Sam Edge has a plan for success. He has been responsible for hundreds of successful projects including writing and ratifying municipal bylaws, big box developments, golf courses, infrastructure construction and dozens of residential subdivisions. In his personal life Sam is a Karate champion, recovering addict, poet, father, husband, prospector and author.

In "Planning for Success" Sam shares his 20 years of experience using proven planning systems, processes and methodologies with you so you can put them into action and start enjoying success in your life immediately. Sam also links these planning secrets to his personal successes and shows you how you can do the same to stop fighting life and move forward with purpose.

The Planning for Success series is a tool kit and each e-book in the series has tools designed for life's challenges. These tools are presented to you in a series of stand-alone e-books giving you the freedom and flexibility to assemble your own tool kit in an order that best addresses your individual needs.

Sam has a wrench for every nut!

Don't go another minute without the advantages Sam shares with you in this book. Start putting the tried and tested tools of the planning profession to work in your life today!
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Vanouver BC
Author bio
Sam was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia in the mid Sixties. He was the only child of two authentic West Coast hippies and wildly rebellious. This, combined with an inability to play well with others, landed him in all sorts of trouble, including run-ins with the law, addiction and homelessness.

His childhood shenanigans lasted well into his adult life.

Sam's first taste of success as a "grown up" was as a licensed Free Miner and Prospector during the heydays of the Vancouver Stock Exchange. Staking claims and banging rocks (among other things) in the rugged Mountains that stretch between California and Alaska suited Sam's restless nature. Spending most of his time in bush camps also help keep him out of trouble. In the Nineties the booming mining industry collapsed.

Sam's prospecting days came to a screeching halt.

These were hard drinking, high paying years for Sam. After a nasty run of addiction he ended up in rehab. Twenty-eight days later he emerged clean and sober and stayed that way throughout his entire thirties and into his forties. After a mid-life-crisis-relapse / party, Sam quickly returned to recovery.

Grateful for a second chance, he remains that way to this day.

In between near misses and direct hits, Sam attended University where he earned the required graduate education for designation as a Registered Planner (RP) in Canada. This launched him into a successful career working with First Nations, governments, and industry on business and community development projects. After fifteen years and hundreds of planning projects, Sam packed in his successful planning career to pursue his passion for writing. Today he writes full time from his rural, lakefront home in Northern B.C.

His wife and three daughters keep him on his toes.

In 2008 Sam was struck by lightning and now has superpowers. Immediately following the strike, at the tender age of 45, he began vigorous martial arts training and entered local open sparring competitions. In 2011 Sam was awarded gold in the Canadian National World Karate Council Competition.

Although he is retired from competition, he remains alert and ready for action.

Sam uses his rich history as the foundation for his writing. If you are interested in more Sam, scroll to his Amazon Kindle eBook listings on this page and add a little Edge to your life!

More information on Sam can be found here:
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- Planning for Success

- First Nations Community Economic Development

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Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone else planted a tree a long time ago" Warren Buffet

"People who say something can't be done are interrupted by those doing it" Albert Einstein

"With great power comes great responsibility" Spiderman

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