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The Evolution of man-the place where science and religion meet
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Modern days' spiritual inspiration about the meaning of Noah's Ark.

It presents a debate about whether Noah was the first man who invented nail, machetes, hand saw, the breaking of wood into lumber and, if he introduced the building of wood cabins before such people whom have been credited for inventing all of those things.

The argument stemmed from the fact that Noah received scientific knowledge of making things in the first world before the biblical Flood took place and he was the only survival along with his family who lived in the second world that we're still in today. So, if he did build an Ark like depicted in the Bible which was a three floor building; then automatically he (an early man like "Java Man") must have had knowledge about making tools and building wood cabins before historic time.

Contrarily, the book asserts, early man lived in caves and hollows of wood. He had no implements so he strangulated animals with his bare hands and ate them raw. Several generations of the early men passed away (meaning that Noah and his family died) before inventions began.

That is why the story surrounding Noah and his Ark needs to be revisited. Perhaps it is an Allegory.
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Where the Garden of Eden is according to the Bible?
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Sacramento, California, USA
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PAUL Tarsleh was born unto the union of Jonah Seah Tarsleh and Elizabeth Jah in Liberia - West Africa. He is married and is a father of six (6) children. He graduated fro High School as valedictorian for his class but he has had it all difficult for getting college education starting with a civil war that broke out in December of 1989, the year he graduated, in his home country - Liberia and lasted for 14 years.

While in school he became a student journalist so after graduation he started working with two newspapers, Business Digest and Sports Chronicle, which were both managed by one person. Later the business paper turned political as Liberian Digest, while the sports paper closed due to the war. After a few months the political paper was also closed in 1990, and he had to flee the nation’s Capital to later find himself in the nearest bordering country, Ivory Coast.

In Ivory Coast he became a refugee mining gold in order to provide basic needs for his family. With this refugee status all his dreams shattered. In 1999 he moved to the main city (Tabou) where he took advantage of a United Nations funded vocational school where he earned an 18-month certificate in Bookkeeping. Despite his misfortune to pursue degree study in journalism he has not left the writing world. In two and half year period, 2006– mid 2008, his interest in writing was enhanced by the mysterious voice that gave him stories to write so as to provide answers to various issues dangling on the minds of people, including religious communities.

He has written two books already but has found it difficult once again to promote them due to financial difficulties he has been experiencing since his arrival as a visitor in the USA where he couldn't find a job to support his work.

This year, 2018, he has completed his third manuscript for a new book entitled "The Truth About Blacks and Human Race" which comes as a result of what he learned from that mysterious voice. In the book his interest is not about which voice spoke to him, but all that the voice said, and what is currently dominating news headlines including blackness and black under development.

Before PAUL traveled to the US he has held few NGO jobs, including implementing a WFP-Food For Work Youth project in 2005 and the last position been a Procurement Officer in Liberia at ArcelorMittal-Liberia, an Iron Ore Mining Company with Headquarters in Luxembourg in Europe. 
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Life is undulating; full of guarding stones and dissected hills, with dangerous waters and serpents on the way.

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